Essential Blends Room & Linen Spray
Essential Blends Room & Linen Spray
Essential Blends Room & Linen Spray

Essential Blends Room & Linen Spray

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Use as a room spray, body mist, pillow mist, linen spray or refresher. Choose the blend that calls you for your needs or wants, and mist away. 


Essential oils of rose geranium, bergamot, jasmine, frankinsence and patchouli which combined are floral, feminine, grounding, loving and strong oils to help you feel empowered and ready to take on the world! Smoky quartz crystals are chosen for its grounding, strength, stability and helps you live in the present and now.

02 - RELAX 

Essential oils of lavender, rosewood, mandarin and ylang ylang which give an extremely relaxed, sedative effect on the mind and body, letting you unwind and just rest. Perfect for a pillow or bedtime mist. Aquamarine crystals have been chosen in this blend for its calming, letting go, peaceful and relaxing nature.

03 - AWAKE

Essential oils of pink grapefruit, spearmint, lime and lemongrass to awaken, refresh and recharge with citrus fresh energy. Perfect for students and studying , or when you need an uplifting and energetic boost. Citrine crystals are the one for this awakening and fruity blend for its power of manifestation, drawing out your creativity for ideas, dreams, goals and ambitions to happen. 

To use : gently shake to mix oils and crystals, then mist away. 

100ml glass bottle with fine mist atomiser.