About us


Merry Makers Gift Co. was born from a casual conversation over a kitchen island bench between two friends sharing coffee.

Deanna and Lauren have lived in the Pilbara region of Western Australia for many years and whilst they both love the lifestyle that comes with living in the country, finding the perfect gift for someone is difficult.  They both share a love of shopping for things that are well made, colourful and stylish.

Deanna is a mother of two girls and for over 15 years has worked in the corporate environment and health sector in both London and Australia, providing her with a wealth of experience in customer relations, contract management and providing high quality service. She is a data nerd with an eye for detail.

Lauren has a son and daughter and has over a decade of experience working with children and families, providing her with a wealth of experience in customer relations, public speaking and conflict management. She is a shopaholic with a flair for the creative.


Deanna and Lauren have combined their expertise to create Merry Makers Gift Co., a high quality gifting service with a difference. 

We have sourced a range of contemporary, stylish and thoughtful products from across Australian businesses and then packaged them beautifully so you don't have to. Giving a gift with Merry Makers Gift Co. is stress free and convenient, and can be done entirely from the comfort of your own home. 

People give gifts for a variety of reasons. It may be to convey a message (such as "Thank you so much"), pass on a sentiment ("I am so happy for you") or acknowledge a special occasion ("Happy birthday" or "Congratulations!"). No matter what the reason, at the heart of giving is kindness. 

Our vision is to create connection and share the joy that comes from the kindness of giving. 

Living in the country, we witness and experience random acts of kindness regularly and so we also see the joy being connected to others brings. It is one of the things that makes country life so great!

Merry Makers Gift Co. has captured the spirit of these random acts by including a Pay It Forward gift in each gift box. The recipient of the gift box is encouraged to give this on to someone and share in the joy of giving. It is our interpretation of a random act of kindness. Gifts packaged in a jute bag also have a pay it forward opportunity as it includes a compliments card that can be gifted on.

Making people merry and sharing this far and wide is what makes us different!