We're a Port Hedland based business that makes a little merry with the art of gifting. We toil away in our studio to source high quality, contemporary Australian owned products and package them perfectly, so you don’t have to. We are innovative, vibrant and flexible and we will work with you to create corporate gifts that suit your style and ultimately help get you more business too.

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Clients and staff are at the very heart of every business and you rightly invest so much time and effort in attracting and retaining the right ones. These relationships can be fostered in an easy and inexpensive way by gifting them with one of our beautiful gift boxes. For many, the thought that counts, is a true sentiment and a carefully considered gift can result in a great return on investment. Happy clients talk to their colleagues and networks about your business and content staff stay put saving on losses from ongoing recruitment and losses in corporate knowledge.


We pride ourselves on creating gift boxes that are contemporary, carefully considered and of a premium standard, with all of our products sourced from Australian owned businesses. Our team understand the importance and need to work to a budget, meet deadlines and communicate with you during the process. We genuinely enjoy working with our clients and customers to create the perfect gift box for them. With competitive corporate rates available, Merry Makers Gift Co is your premium gift solution to suit your businesses budget and style.


Well, that is dependent on you and your needs. Often a quick chat with us is the easiest way to convey what you want and how this can be paired with our expertise. 

Helpful things to know are: Who is the gift for? How many do you need? When do you need them? What's your budget? Do you want customised boxes with your branding? Do you have a wish list of inclusions? 

Once we know these things, it's a quick and easy process for us to send you a no obligations gift proposal.


We'd love to chat with you today to see how we can help. Simply give us a call on 0437 123 089 or drop us an email at

We are here to work with you to share joy and nurture your business relationships with the art of gifting.